Double Sided Miniature Painting Octagon Ring

For centuries, the royal ateliers of Afghanistan have been home to the finest miniature painters of the Persian world. In the artistic centre of Herat, today’s western Afghanistan, artists took inspiration from the gardens and topography of this ancient city depicting the region’s landscapes, flora, and fauna to accompany hand-written poetry and literary texts in elaborate manuscripts. Taking us back to the ateliers of Herat, the miniature jewellery presented here references this famous style of artistic work.

This collection references three prominent works of art:

ANAR - ‘The Garden of Fidelity’ from the Baburnama (Bagh-e Vafa) c. 1590

FERDOUS - ‘Dancing Devishes’ made in Herat, by Behzād

BOSTAAN -’The Oracle of the Enchanted Parakeet’ illustrated by Bihzad for Amir Khusrau’s “Hasht Bihisht” (Eight Paradises Garden) in Herat, c. 1490

(Present example illustrates 'Bostaan')

Araa Collection
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The reverse side is hand painted with a calligraphic quote in Dari; “When love arrived, trees became green” – Rumi
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Anar, Ferdous (I & II), Bostaan
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