Aquamarine Double Drop Necklace

Myanmar has been a famed source of gemstones for centuries. The jewellery in this collection draws from the great array of stones from the Mogok Valley in upper Myanmar, offering a variety of colours and stones including pink tourmalines, green peridots, lucent aquamarines, red spinels and creamy moonstones.

We source our stones directly from the women of the Mogok Valley who hand cut them in traditional workshops close to their point of origin. This impacts the value chain where it is most needed and allows a direct and fair transaction with the women, supporting sustainable livelihoods for them and their families.

MOGOK Collection
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18kt Yellow Gold, Aquamarine
Pendant: 1cm x 4.5cm, Chain length: 30cm-45cm
Aquamarine cabochon charm pendant on an adjustable cord.
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