Mai Necklace

The MAZE Collection draws inspiration from the patterns found in Myanmar’s traditional hand-woven textiles. The designs reference both the backstrap and frame loom fabrics found in our wider interiors collections.

This collection is created from 14kt yellow gold and predominantly crafted by master artisans Wai Linn Tun and Aung Kyaw Soe in our Yangon workshop, along with apprentices who assist with finishing and quality control.

‘Maze’ can be translated into the Burmese phrase ‘Lahkru laja lap Maka’ which is actually the name of a leaf. In ancient times, when people wanted to communicate with holy deities, they would use certain objects to show what they meant. Likewise, people’s minds can be translated through objects as well: this leaf represents people’s state of mind which is seen as complex to understand, hence like a Maze.

MAZE Collection
Product Type
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18kt Yellow Gold
Pendant: 1cm x 1.5cm, Chain length: 40cm
A maze-like pendant. S clasp.
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